Why WebCT Sucks

You've all seen it by now. It's not like they make a big deal about it or anything.
Like it's the best thing since tax returns...

This site was created because I'm not the only one who thinks WebCT sucks. There's more of you out there.
Tell us why YOU think the ANU's WebCT sucks.

Javascript Links 

It's been widely agreed that Javascript Links are a bad idea:
Often, you need to open a link in a new window, because you wish to continue browsing a site while having the information you just found readily available. Javascript Links don't allow you to do this by right-clicking a link and clicking 'Open in New Window', or "Shift-Clicking" a link. This is contrary to the standard operation of the browser.

Doesn't work properly through proxies/caches 

It's fine to be able to look at WebCT properly while on the ANU campus, but as soon as you step off the campus and want to check your Lecture notes/etc from home, WebCT fails.
Often, home users access the internet through a proxy server provided by their ISP and additionally have a cache on their local computer, provided by the browser. This cache means that content isn't always up-to-date. Usually, you can update the content by clicking the 'Refresh' button on your browser. WebCT boots you straight back to the Login screen when you do this, and even after logging in, the user still views the stale information.

The browser 'Back' and 'Forward' buttons don't work 

For the same reasons as above, WebCT doesn't like it when you use the browser's 'Back' and 'Forward' buttons. This again is contrary to the standard operation of the browser.

Not Secure 

While it's mostly just paranoia, every other site on the ANU campus, ISIS for example, uses HTTPS to access the students/staff section. WebCT has a secure logon, but promptly goes back to a non-secure site. This results in the user recieving an error that the page they're viewing is no longer secure. This gives the end user, especially those who aren't terribly familiar with computers, a bad feeling, right from the start.

Doesn't have the 'Standard ANU Look' 

Start off at the ANU Students page. Move to ISIS. They all have the same basic look and feel. The menus, colours and buttons look similar. Move to WebCT, and it looks completely different. "Am I still on the ANU Site?" I hear you say.

It makes me fail 

It makes me fail cause i cant find the bloody course notes in its maze of a shitty interface

Free information! 

Before WebCT, lecture and course notes were freely available on the internet. You can share them with anyone, and I could google and find the notes from a thousand courses at a hundred universities, and make use of them. No more. I can't even view the notes from other courses at MY Uni. In short: WebCT is evil.

Its the worst. 

Need I explain why?

It isn't 1337 enough for me! 



webct - created by microsoft 


WEBCT lost me 5% 

%^&*ing webct, the physics assignment disappeared 17 hours before it was due.

WebCT has ever user interface issue known to man 

WebCT is unintuitive and cumbersome to use. A violation of most basic UI principles. It designed as a inconsistent heirarchy of pages. It has a high cognitive load because the user has to develop a mental model of how the system is organized before they can understand its layout.

How many times have attachments been missing in conference messages. The user has to make sure that they click the attach button, eventhough every other web page on the net would append the attachment when clicking 'send'.

If the user right clicks on an discussion message's attachment instead of clicking 'download' the document's file name is lost.

Make sure you have an extremely good memory for messages, since important discussion messages, will always be buried in a monolithic message pile.

The default search criteria does not take into account the location that you clicked search in the discussion message. The user needs an unnecessary amount of setup to get meaningful search results. As I said before, make sure you have a good memory so you can go straight back to that important discussion message and avoid using search.

As I understand there are many other features to WebCT, but my professors have indicated that they are as unintuitive to use as the discussion forums.

Logging out 

You can't log out of WebCT!! Talk about privacy issues!

Just does what email and news does but worse 

I already have mail and news readers that I know and love. Someone else may have another, but we can still communicate through a standard (mail, news transport protocols). Now I am forced to work through one crappy web interface. Also raises issues of being non-compliant with accessiblity rules for the disabled etc.... may in fact be ... illegal is that the term for it. Also gives no help to lecturers to actually produce good web pages....


It is the greatest waste of time. I routinely waste hours trying to find out why simple tasks such as uploading files doesn't work. Assignments that students submit often get lost by the poorly written server code and I spend days communicating with WebCt staff, server administrators to find student's assignments that were submitted and confirmed. WebCT officially denies that there are any problems with their database architecture - but our server logs prove that things get lost all the time.

user interface designed by monkeys 

It's as though they took all the functionality they could think of, stirred it in a big pot, and threw it down (or up) on some web pages.

Really, WebCT seems to have no understanding of UI design and no consideration for the user's cognitive model.

One simple example of poor UI design: In the
discussion messages, one can toggle between showing ALL messages or showing UNREAD messages.
But the option (of those two) that is disabled
is actually *highlighted* with a darker background and a button: The user clicks the button to change to that other mode.

But any standard UI uses highlighting to show
the *current* selection. It's confusing, and
shows an deep lack of understanding of UI design.

And that's just one of many examples ...

a complete piece of crap 

no thought given to the UI, awful support services. Profs haven't a clue how to use it well.
This is easily the worst web app I've ever seen.

check this out 

I attend Tarrant County College in Texas, this semester they had this company build them distance learning system from scratch which is pretty cool. I've used WebCT and yeah, it sucks. They used this open source web company to develop it and according to the guy I talked to at the help desk he said it was going to be open sourced. The system doesn't have a name yet he said, but it looks like it is apart of the overall integrated site which is cool and I don't find it very hard to use at all. He said the company that built it is http://www.tapinternet.com, just if anyone is interested.


Beware WebCT Sux your grade! 

Because of that god damn shit a 100 turned into an 80! After taking a test it said I had a 100, but while I was showing it to some friends it switched my grade to an 80 (after refrershing)! It's a good thing I'm smarter then that fuck WebCT! I made a print out. That's a victory for us, since I got my grade fixed!

WebCt SUX 

I hate webct because only stupid people like it. I wish it would die like a dirty hoe! It really makes my nut sack sweat whenever I even think about it.


WebCT went down 5 days before our 2nd CS test. Our prof tests us over 2% code, and 98% notes about his life and experience in the field. All of his notes were on WebCT, along with the study guide and answers to the chapter review questions. Thanks to WebCT being down, none of the class did well on the test. THANKS! By the way, WebCT is still down during the typing of this message.

FUCKING Useless 

My grade changed when I was looking at it. My grade was 100 and it droped down to 20. When I thiunk about it I almost cussed out my computer. Fucking cabron computer! I will get La Raza on it's ass!

Picky browser settings 

I have a professor here at Mesa Community College in Arizona who is using a WebCT course outside of the internal WebCT infrastructure at the college. Until this semester I have had no problems. This time, my browser won't even pull up www.webct.com, much less the special course. I have been told it is my browser settings, but I have done everything to my browser that is humanly possible. So far it has been two weeks, 5 support people, and no resolution. I want my money back.

A WebCT Administrator 

What do you get when you cram 140 Institutions, 10,000+ courses, and fuck knows how many users onto one single WebCT system,

** Bling Bling **

-= An administrative nightmare =-


What does WebCT do for Accessibility. I have tried Jaws and doesn't seem to bode very well.

Mac Safari 

I only use Mac for teaching. WebCT Vista has crashed the browsers within 30 seconds of using it. I wish I could test the product, but it doesn't seem to work and further more, it crashes the browser. I have never had an application or website do so. Does anyone else have a similiar experience? Let me know if there a settings or is it just not compatiable with Safari.


WebCT was installed at my University on April 1. It is now June 14 and it is still not possible for many of us to upload files larger than 200K for assignments. Students are emailing assignments directly to Professors outside of WebCT. It must be really difficult to get this software properly configured.

Beyond Horrible 

I suspect the message from the student listed above is also a Capella student - that's when Capella University - an entirely non-line school subjected it's students to WebCT. FYI, one student has filed a complaint against the school with the United States Department of Education because WebCT denies access to students with disabilities.


bah, it's not that bad.

WebCT and Blackboard plain does not work 

Inspite of the massive promotions made by these two companies to push their products in universities, faculty members in general are not adapting it for their teaching.

WebCT isn't accessible 

Here's a great site with links about WebCT's horrendous lack of accessibility:


Take a look under "resources" for links about WebCT and its lack of accessibility.

The OPPOSITE of best practices in application development 

Looks like this nonline learning solution is an EXCELLENT example of how NOT to develop applications. It takes the OPPOSITE of best practices for application development, outlined on these wonderful sites:


Leave your WebCT bash on WebCT forum too 


To log in, use accounts from BugMeNot.com

WebCT Needs to die 

Beware of the uploader, it supposibly has a tendancy to eat and reprocess data the way it likes while uploading.

Another reason why webCT must die

WebCT is the biggest piece of crap, ever. 

It's SO DAMN SLOW, isn't functional, lacks a decent layout, IS SO DAMN SLOW, limited by design, cumbersome, SO DAMN SLOW, garbage, and DAMN SLOW.

U of MN-TC 

It sucks here in the twin cities as well.

Can't edit posts 

WebCT is so poor. You can't even edit posts you make in the discussion areas... thats so crap.

ANU CS Department 

The ANU CS Department has completely shunned WebCT. They have their own customer written marks system, assignment submissions system, etc etc. All this because the ANU wasted their money on WebCT.

a complete hunk of shit 

I just got a teaching position at a university that uses WebCt. I have spent the weekend playing with it and I just don't understand it. Fuck Fuck Fucky fuck shit!

I wanted to get my assignment done today before due date 

But i've been trying to get on to WEBCT for the last 3 hours and it isn't working cuz it's the slowest piece of crap known to man. It also has a knack for making you fail on online quizzes. Online course tools are crap too - i had to search for 4 hours to find my grades.

WebCT = sign of the apocalypse 

piece of crap to use, crap ass UI, incompatable with browsers. FREKIN QUIZES EVERY WEEK! GAAAAH!

WebCT = Crappity Crap 

In the management school at Purdue for the past two semesters I've been told by professors that our current system "Katalyst" (which works PERFECTLY, everyone understands, and is in widespread use) is being replaced by WebCT in order to be consistent with the rest of campus and some teachers are switching already to get a head start. So, for two semesters, I've had a few classes using WebCT where the teachers could never even figure out how to get content added, so we never had access to any course content. Meanwhile, my other classes which DON'T use crappy WebCT have everything available. Noooooo! Don't replace the good system with the bad one just because you spent thousands of dollars on it! Before becoming an upper classman, my elective courses used WebCT and I remember horrible incidents where online quiz results were shuffled around the class....or just plain wrong. It loads freakin' slow off campus. It's not very cross browser compatible. It's ugly. The content is hidden around like some kind of scavenger hunt. It looks like my 6th grade nephew made it. This makes me really doubt the decision makers at my school's ability to graps things that aren't on a balance sheet.

Lab Assistant 

I work as a lab assistant where students can come in to do their work. I am all too familiar with WebCT and the problems it presents students.

It sucks for all the reasons mentioned above... Dismally ugly and painfully counter-intuitive. But worst of all, it eats exams. As far as I can figure, to complete an exam the student must download the exam.rtf file, answer the questions, save it to disk, change the filetype back to exam.doc, and delete the stupid brackets [] in the file name, close Word, then go back to WebCT, click upload, click browse, find the file, click upload again, (Do I also have to click the mysterious check the box?!), and finally click submit assignment. If you accidently click the name of the assignment, a blank copy comes in to replace the completed exam. Wow! This could possible be the worst example of a user interface I've ever seen! It would take less time to hammer a pencil out of a block of lead, write the answers on parchment, and mail it back to the professor via bulk freight.

An enormous waste of precious school resources! It wastes student's time, faculty's time, school's money, and gives nothing in return. WHY? WHY? WHY?

webct sucks sucks sucks 


Ask Capella Student... 

why did the OCR rule that Capella made reasonable accomodation for his disability? You also might want to ask him why he was suspended from the school for creating a hostile environment?

Wow, Take a look at the site 

http://www.capellauniversity.org - Looks like Capella Rocks is just an idiot who loves WebCT and doesn't know what he/she is talking about!

Ask Capella Sucks... 

Why he hasn't updated his website to include the OCR ruled against him in all of his allegations against Capella?

Why was he suspended from the University?

Why was his letter to my "commanding officer" returned to him? (Hint - has something to do with the 1st Amendment).

Why did the OCR rule that Capella made reasonable accomodation for him?

Capella Rocks!

That's so funny 

but webCT still sucks. it's midnight here, and i'm still waiting for it to come back online (it's been down all day) so i can get my assignment that's due in the morning. prof's here don't care if it was down for 99% of the time the assignment was listed, because diligent students would have accessed the system in the nano-second it was working.

sucks sucks sucks.

higher education facilitated by today's technology? or maybe just a waste of time. yeah, that's it.

CapellaRocks Sounds Like A DOLT 

Why would someone like Capella Rocks post here? The person must be a real fruitcake - what's your problem, buddy? WebCT Sucks BIG TIME - is Capella Rocks such a dolt that he doesn't realize this board is about WebCT? Get a life - WebCT SUCKS!

WebCT is Stinky Like Donkey Pook 

It is very very backwards and gives me agida. I put my CPU in a pile of poo and it worked better than when I used WebCT.

WebCT Vista slow as molasses in winter 

Dial up: connect at 49.2. No problem with speed of WebCT CE with dialup. But now that the university has gone to Vista it is slow as molasses in winter. Of all the websites I've EVER accessed in my life this one is the absolute worst. Takes an eternity to load a page . . . then it blank. All other sites load in fraction of second but not this dog. On campus, not a problem. This is a perfect example of designing a product for designers without even consider users. Unplug the time-wasting dog!

Lawsuit Filed Regarding Incompetent Design of WebCT 

A lawsuit was filed today in United States District Court against Capella University on charges of:

• Violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act – failure to accommodate (due to the incompetent design of WebCT)
• Violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act – retaliation
• Unruh Civil Rights Act
• Violation of California Education Code, Section 94367

Some of the officials mentioned in this lawsuit include Capella’s:

• Provost (Karen Viechnicki)
• Chief Counsel (Greg Thom)
• Dean for the School of Technology (Kurt Linberg)
• Disabilities Service Coordinator (Lisa Bromenshenkel)
• TS5150 Instructor (Diane Stottlemyer)

Information will posted at http://www.capellauniversity.org


blaming the app for poor sys admin practices is priceless. why not enable SSL for the entire site which is supported by webct? why not customize webct to have same look and feel as other campus systems? if webct really "lost" assesments or "changed" grades do you think it would be in business still let alone in over 2500 institutions? quit blaming the dog for eating your homework and study harder. Webct was down for 5 days huh? and you are sure it's the fault of the app huh? you clueless fool. there's much more to an app than just the app, maybe the network factors in here? maybe your sys admin spilled coffee on the server??? webct slow huh? must be the app cause that's the only thing we see? get a life.if you don't like webct or don't like capella then it's really simple for you geniuses: DON'T USE IT

Who is Capella Rocks? 

Capella Rocks is an insider from Capella posting here to counter the posts about the lawsuit pending. It seems there are numerous websites where there are "counter" posts by Capella insiders. WebCT is a problem by the way, but I think the problem stems from incompetent developers and load testers, along with online teachers using WebCT inappropriately and inconsistently, further complicating things for students. So its humans messing up the potential of WebCT I think. Online teachers need to be required to used WebCT consistently, to complete training on using it correctly, to commit to making it user friendly and organized for students. So schools need to commit to making that happen.

Well Put Messenger 

The only thing an end user sees is WebCT and when it's down or slow then to that end user it MUST be WebCT. However anyone with an ounce of technical savvy knows there is much more to an application than just the application. What happens when the OS or HW that WebCT is running on fails? Does an institution say the following: "We had a RAID array failure on the box that WebCT is running on last night and we dont have a proper disaster recovery plan at the moment so this is gonna take us time". Likely not. What they say is "We are having problems with WebCT right now and are working to get it back online ASAP". That leads everyone to come to places like this and post how the app sucks. Again, if you don't like it then don't use it. Nobody is forcing you to do this. Online learning is huge and growing everyday so get used to the WebCT's of this world. Get some training if you need it. Don't make assumptions and guess because your pissed. Messenger says it's humans messing up the potential of WebCT, i agree that is the case but i think the product is only as good as those running it. Face it, it's in a lot of schools and use is growing rapidly amongst those schools. They must be doing something right. If schools don't treat it as a mission critical app and don't provide proper end user training it's a perfect storm and they usually learn the hard way.

Capella Rocks = Shawn Ambrose 

Messenger is right; I was just looking for problems with WebCT and Capella Rocks, aka Shawn Ambrose, pops up all over the web. It looks like someone is giving him a taste of his own medicine on the Chronicle of Higher Education Forums at http://chronicle.com/forums/colloquy/read.php?f=1&i=5394&t=5394 because he (Shawn Ambrose) won't answer if he is a student at Capella, let alone say if he was in any of the classes as the student who filed the lawsuit. The guy won't even answer if he was taking any classes when WebCT was first used there. Wonder how much Capella is paying him? My own experience is that WebCT is simply too complicated for most instructors - especially if they haven't a clue as to what they're doing with technology. It's even worse for students who then have to figure out what their instructors are trying to do but haven't figured out how to use WebCT to begin with. Another point is that just because others use a bad application doesn't make it any better than others - a bad app is a bad app and WebCT is at the bottom of those currently available. When an app like WebCT is used as the only way for students to interact in their classes, they have a right to be angry if they can't use it because it isn't user friendly.


Truth, do you feel that an institution should offer comprehensive training on an app before insisting students/faculty use it? If so is this the responsibility of the vendor if that training is inadequate or non-existant? Also, at my institution we offered training only to have people not attend. They then began all the rants on how the product sucked etc. After they were convinced to give the training a fair shot (1-day session and follow-up for faculty and 2 hour tutorial for students) we can't get them to stop using WebCT.

If people don't have a clue about what their doing when it comes to technology and they don't make a concerted effort to learn then why bother using it? If you are going to go ahead without trying to learn then don't be surprised when you get frustrated!

WebCT Sucks!!! 

It just does.

Look at the facts... 

I am not a Capella insider by any stretch of the imagination - if you want to know what happened with the OCR complaints, do your homework - the information is all public record for anyone who wants to do the research.

As far as for someone giving me "a taste of my own medicine" on the Chronicle board concerning the lawsuit - it bears repeating, the questions that have been asked to me are not relevant to the discussion. I can accept that the OCR investigations are neutral third party findings, especially when the findings are filled with factual evidence.

Something to think about, if WebCT is so bad, why didn't LaMarca sue WebCT as well? You would think they would be partially at fault as well.

Finally, I believe that when you go to www.capellauniversity.org, ask yourself if a person who ridicules recovery from substance abuse, mocks a persons religious beliefs, and has Capella officials parodied as KKK members and Nazis is a person who merits serious consideration.

Shawn Ambrose is a Coward and a Bully 

Looks like Capella's sidekick, Shawn Ambrose (Shawn Ambrose) is too much of a coward and a bully to answer relevant questions about him on the Chronicle forum. Shawn Ambrose shows up all over the Internet under the name of Capella Rocks asking people to believe him. Even so, he is too much of a coward to tell us what makes him such an authority on WebCT and those who oppose it.

Someone by the name of Mary asked him if he was enrolled

1. as a student in the same class(es) as the student who filed the complaint about WebCT?

2. in the same school as that student?

3. in any classes at Capella at the time they implemented WebCT?

Apparently, he is just a Capella sissy who works for their marketing department. Shawn Ambrose wants everyone to accept his nonsense as fact but refuses to answer even basic questions. Maybe he works for WebCT? He’s too much of a coward to even answer questions as to why his nonsensical ramblings are relevant to WebCT.

He talks about mocking those who recover from substance abuse but has no problem whining and attacking others. After looking at the site he mentions, I found it to be harsh but the facts are backed up and documented. If prudes don’t want to read parody sites, that’s too bad – parody and satire are highly relevant to travesties like WebCT. I found another site that has posts from a lot of other Capella student complaints regarding WebCT – http://capellalawsuit.info/student_complaints.html

Shawn Ambrose seems to have some kind of sicko obsession with attacking others but refuses to even the most simple questions about himself as to why we should believe him. It seems like every site I look at about problems with WebCT has whines from Shawn Ambrose/Capella Rocks. Surely Capella University and/or WebCT can find someone less childish than Shawn Ambrose to do their dirty work.


What it boils down to is who do you believe. Right now LaMarca is 0 for 4 with the OCR. LaMarca was the one who placed the OCR docket numbers on the net for all to see. If LaMarca wins the lawsuit - then I will be the first to congratulate him - and I say that in all seriousness.

However, based on an independent investigation, the facts state that Capella provided reasonable accomodation for his disability and that Capella was justified in locking him out, and later suspending him from the University.

One more thing - if you look at my posts on the net, they are always after his. What I am attempting to do is to provide "the other side" of the story. I do not work for Capella, and Capella has never "asked me to do their bidding."

Why believe me. I have nothing to say. The OCR documents speak for themselves. They are posted verbatium at: http://forums.degreeboard.com/showthread.php?t=5708

Since the complaint and the lawsuit have to do with WebCT - the OCR documentation about LaMarca, his performance in class, and his behavior is relevant.

Other side of the story 

Shawn Ambrose - your posts are everywhere and they do speak for themselves. WebCT sucks, royally, and the fact that you won't even say if you're a student says it all. Who cares about OCR? WebCT Sucks and that's what this board is about. If you weren't in any classes as the guy who is suing then it is arrogant for you to claim you know all.
You say that you always post after the other guy and that's not true. You butted in on the Chronicle Forum and tried to change the subject http://chronicle.com/forums/colloquy/read.php?f=1&i=5394&t=5394
You did the same thing at http://forums.degreeboard.com/showthread.php?t=8623
and yet you claim you are “attempting to do is to provide ‘the other side’ of the story.” The story is WebCT SUCKS. You won’t even tell us if you used WebCT when it was implemented. You won’t tell us if you were a student in the same classes. You claim you don’t work for Capella and you won’t tell us if you’re a student there then maybe you are an employee with WebCT?


I typed 'Why does webct freakin' suck?' on Google because I was irritated that it took two hours to do a 15 minute assignment! I pay for the most expensive high-speed internet each month, and then I waste 90 minutes waiting for the freakin' pages to load and shut down and freeze my whole freakin' computer!

Fuck the damn WebCt 

I tried to get on it for the past 3 hours and it hasn't loaded. the assignment was due at 11:55 and it has been down since 8... Fuck the Webct and their mothers

Somebody please wake the fuck up 

Why can't anyone accept the fact that most issues with WebCT are the result of your non caring, lax, mediocre-at-best sys admins? I really hope you idiots aren't comp sci students, if so then you should swicth majors. Some of you fuckers are so fuckin stupid, are you sure you are in university? if the road is washed out is the fault of your car's manufacturer that you cannot drive it? it's like blaming Ford cause you can't drive your shitty little truck to your shitty little friend's house to watch shitty wrestling cause the bridge you need to go over is closed because of some work being done on it.

WebCT is the worst 

WebCT is the biggest pile of #$%^# I've ever used!

WebCT is shit 

WebCT is by far the most unfucntionnal site i have ever encountered...First of al it took me days to figure out how to setup my dam account only to realize that i coulndt access it from my house..As i did figure out how to make it work at home IT NEVER LETS ME LOG IN. This has to be the biggest pile of shit i have ever seen..and it's goal was to help students..but it only frustrates me...

WebCT has AIDS 

I want to pass my January exams, which is difficult when WebCT is down AGAIN.

WebCT is chunky 

I don't HATE WebCT by any means, but I'm not a super big fan of it. I use it at Capella University and have had mixed results over the last year. When I use it with IE, pretty much everything works, but it is slow. I prefer to use it with Mozilla and newer versions of Java. On some of my computers, when it crashes, it requires a full reboot of the machine to get back into the WebCT site. On other machines everything works great. I don't know about how other organizations implement WebCT, but capella does a pretty decent job of keeping it up and running, even if it can be really slow and sluggish at times.

Fight Back! 

"WEBCT can pose various challenges for individuals with disabilities especially those with visual impairments or learning disabilities."

If you have been harmed by WebCT, you'll want to to visit





look around you 

Well, thanks there, stupid repeating "it stinks"," you've pretty effectively lowered the IQ of this page. Webct sucks because it is software. Unless the clueless on this site haven't noticed, most programmers don't care about UI. They don't have real users test anything until they're done programming it. WebCT doesn't suck any worse than anything else. Have you seen Breeze? Have you seen Jabber? Most apps suck. You all are picking on WebCT because it's an easy target because it's better than most. Love and kisses!

Latest on LaMarca v. Capella 

You can view the court's first significant ruling in LaMarca v. Capella at: http://forums.degreeboard.com/showthread.php?t=6351

The court ruled that Capella's counterclaim against LaMarca could proceed due to LaMarca's "reckless disregard for the truth."

capella's great 

Web Ct maybe horrible but Capella's great in my opinion. All schools have their strengths and weaknesses

Latest On Shawn Ambrose - Capella University Thug 

Capella Rocks is Shawn Ambrose is employed as an adjunct faculty member at Capella University. (Note - an incredible 85% of Capella "University" faculty are adjuncts - which they refer to as "Independent Contractors"

For information about his abuse of students, visit:


For his complete "declaration" that he filed on behalf of his employer, Capella University, visit:


In addition, the complete declarations submitted to the by Capella thugs (including that of obsessive-compulsive Ambrose) have now been posted at


These include the complete texts of declarations, signed under penalty of perjury by:

1. Michael Offerman, Capella's President

2. Greg Thom, Capella's Chief Shyster,

3. Priscilla McNulty, another Capella "attorney"

4. Stella Fey Epling, one of the "attorneys" representing Capella who has lied to the court

5. Karen Viechnicki, Provost - who can't tell the truth for anything

6. Shawn Ambrose (who not only posted the above but also serves as Capella's Zealot and Head Cheerleader). He also “teaches” at Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwa Community College (check out his hospitality class - LOL),

7. Vickie Cook, one of Capella's Poster Children, and Dean of Community Education at Kaskaskia Community College - Vickie Cook's declaration is exceptional hilarious!, and

Some of these individuals have lied to such a great degree that their "declarations" are actually funny!

WebCT must die! 

No words can express my hatred for WebCT. I'll have a test next tuesday and all the damn fricking info is on WebCT. But of course, WebCT decided that this would be the appropriate time to go down for quite a lot of fricking days. Not to mention that the test will have to be made *on* WebCT (something which has given quite a lot of trouble before). Just wanted to share this.

Absolutely Appalling 

I'm not posting here only because I think WebCT sucks, but also because I find it absolutely appalling that something as disgraceful as WebCT can be associated with university. I mean, come on! Ditch those tables and frames. This is the age of CSS and web standards. Same goes to many university websites (which I will not name). However, on the other hand, Selkirk College has a nicely designed website, designed in CSS. Although it doesn't validate completely, it's still nice to see that some people recognize the issue and are making an attempt to improve things. I am so glad I found this website. Kudos to whoever started this thread.


I really hate webct, I think they suck ;)

I Wouldn't Wipe My ass with WebCT Vista 

Hey I go to UNSW and for some course they rely heaviliy on WebCT Vista because they want to cut staff numbers.
1. I can't hit the fucking back button
2. I can't acces it from the Uni computers
3. Its buggy as shit
4. The layout took me three months to remeber.
5. I can't even bookmark the login page. I have to click through 3 pages of shit before I can even login

Needs Flash. 

Try using it from Linux. Honestly. Remind me EVERY TIME I navigate from page to page that I am using an unsupported (NEWER) version of Firefox. I have no idea why they don't require Flash as well, it would make it perfect in terms of user hostility.

no BACK button, no CSS 

im not sure which of these pisses me off more. I mean... they broke the BACK button... cmon! and its like they intentionally avoided css support because why in the hell would you want to change the heading styles across the course from one spot, instead of individually on each and every page?!

no amount of sys admin 'wizardry' can correct the BASIC usability issues with this shite.

and to all you webct lovers/defenders posting here... piss off! this is a rant forum, not a goddamn debate for chrissake. we hate it. you wont change our minds.

migrating to ce6 

WebCT is an evil hack and it doesn't work properly!
It is also REALLY expensive and the bastards lie to you about costs.
We just bought CE6 plus FOUR servers (to make it run properly) and only THEN do they hit us for another 6000UK to make the admin node work.


The worst piece of software ever 

WebCT sucks becuause it

1. is completely counter-intuitive
2. uses frames
3. violates every principle of good web design
4. gobbles system resources
5. destroyes wrists worldwide: one has to click ten times when one click would have done just fine if any forethought had gone into its design
6. is unreliable
7. is unsecure
8. uses a flat file database for christ's sake!
9. is an administrative nightmare
10. gobbles system resources
11. was written by a bunch of students at the university of British Columbia

A Disruptive, Costly, and Unnecessary Mistake 

The University of Nevada Las Vegas had spent years ironing out the quirks from the old version of WebCT (Campus Edition 4.1), and we finally got it to work reasonably well. But this spring (2006) we were ordered to prepare for mandatory use of WebCT VISTA, starting this summmer. I am teaching an upper-division distance class with this product now, and it is riddled with code errors, usability problems, limitations, and quirks. The incorporation of the JAVA code is particularly troublesome. This has doubled my workload and stressed out many students--all for no reason!
This is a classic example of institutional dysfunction and gullibility to a slick sales pitch. June 27, 2006

Sr.Support Analyst 

It does sucks
I have never seen a product this bad it is not even Alfa forget Beta you are call this a prodution version God bless us all .
We need to make pay for all Tech call we get and hours tech support only one word BAS''' SOB

The Interface...she blows! 

Ugh...I've encountered a lot of arcane programs and interfaces, but WebCT really takes the cake. It's the first program that has left me feeling utterly, hopelessly lost. I just want to access my class notes, m'kay? WebCT is the hideous, steaming pile of crap that comes out of your bunghole about twelve hours after you've eaten a hideous, steaming pile of crap.

Useless WebCT 

I consider myself a WebCT Expert User. I have used WebCT since the late 90's. I have used WebCT as a student, and a professor. I also held the position of WebCT Administrator at one University. You can't blame everything on the admins, profs, or even the students. I think Campus Edition is probably the WORST version I've ever seen. I am shocked at the abundant use of the java applets!

I feel for my students this semester. I have reopened assignments b/c if I'm having trouble, THEY are having trouble. And I don't want to hear about checking my browser settings. The problems go way beyond that.

I used to think that most of the problems were "ID10T" errors, but not with this version.

Very unreliable, pop-up crazy, and now Java applet galore!!! :( 

It's unreliable, period! Actually, it's down right now as I type this message and I really need to get on so I can finish an assignment that's due soon (plus I wanna go to bed at some point). If this was the first time, then I wouldn't really mind as much. But this is like the 1000th freakin' time it's down.

Oh, and to make matters worse, now my university is switching to the "improved" Vista WebCT. It's the same peice of crap, just prettier and even more bloated with java everywhere! I'm a Linux user and what really pisses me off is every time I go to the login page, I get this damn popup that tells me I am using an unsupported browser version. What the hell? I am using the latest Firefox. If that's what you called unsupported then you can kiss my ass! Just another MS IE ass-kissing web application. Oh, and you can't just block pop-ups and be done with it. As you all know, WebCT loves to use popups for almost anything. And with Vista you get the pleasure of enjoying even more quantities of popups. This time Java applets galore! Stupid webCT!

I would much rather just read lectures on a good old fasion website and email my professor my assignments and/or quizes. WebCT is one of the worst things about College.

Abandon Ship 

Yes... I've made the decision to abandon ship. I will not torture myself or my students with this product any longer. I'm averaging a load time of 2+ minutes per page on any browser I try and I have 5 classes (from 25 - 60 students in each class). If you do that math, that's a lot of page loading. We've been told that NOTHING is going to be done this semester due to $$$$ unless all of the faculty get together to complain. Um... we've done that. I'm out.

I fuckin Hate WEBCT!!! 

AHH it takes me hours to load a lecture and every minute or so it needs to buffer again. Ahhh freakin makes me so mad!! I burst out crying because i was so frustrated. How am i supposed to do well when i can't fuckin watch my lectures or do anything for fuck's sake!


the previous version was actually not that bad. but vista is just horrible. it keeps crashing, it takes me ages to upload a file, because the whole damn thing is written in java, even the file-dialogs, it slows my old laptop down like crazy, it doesn't like firefox, etc. its a nightmare.

why can't they just give me some webspace, so I can upload a normal webpage? those people who don't know how to create a webpage could just learn to use frontpage, which is certainly easier than trying to learn webct vista, the most unintuitive software ever.

plus, i don't want to spend valuable class time explaining webct to my students. its a complete waste of time.

WebCT Vista FTL 

I'm an avid Firefox user, and I actually liked WebCT last year. It was well organized and easy to use and keep yourself on top of things. This year, however, Durham College decided to update to WebCT Vista. It's like a jungle. First of all, you log in and it literally lags your entire computer b/c it's trying to get through so much Java. On top of this, it crashes my browser if I try to visit some site in another tab while waiting for WebCT to load.

To make matters worse, it no longer warns me when assignments are coming close to due, there's no more really easy and fast assignment submission forms

ANNND it contains this 100% useless Calendar module...

Calendar Week
Edit Calendar Week
December 5, 2006
8:00 AM - 10:00 AM Lecture - Final Exam
December 7, 2006
1:00 PM - 3:00 PM JAVA LECTURE - FINAL TEST (15%)
December 8, 2006
9:00 AM - 11:00 AM Lab #7 Due Today

how does that help me? Lab 7 for what class? Oh, Okay... I have a final exam, but FOR WHAT CLASS? To be fair, it does give the time block, which sort of to determine the class it's talking about, but it just gets too confusing...

I honestly think myspace runs better than WebCT.

Doesn't the company have any usability people on payroll? 

As a human factors/HCI professor (and former practitioner), I nearly vomit every time I have to interact with Vista. Unfortunately due to regulations it is the only place I can put grades where the students can access them from anywhere. There is almost nothing that they do right from a usability perspective - it is nearly the perfect anti-human factors application. If there is anyone at this company being paid to evaluate this from an HCI perspective they should be fired and prohibited from ever doing any human factors evaluations ever again in their life. I have actively lobbied for the university to change, but they have invested too much money in it and appear completely content with buying into the company's promises that the next version will be better.


1) too many dependencies on 3rd party software to run
2) not properly forward compatible with dependent software
= 3) result loads of people must wasting loads of time
4) even M$ do usability tests (don't they???)

Bluesman ( MR ) 

Why are people on the case of Capella U? Because some idiot sued them? Many schools have lawsuits against them, no big deal, there will always be substandard individuals who can not cut it, and so they blame the educational institution. I have read a lot about the person who has set up all those hateful sites about Capella, he really needs to get over it. I mean, I am not a student at Capella, but I know of the school; it is accredited by a major governing body- the same that accredits many brick and mortar schools. I have heard that it is actually quite academically rigorous, and one has to really work hard to achieve a degree.

To be upset with the administration is fine- heck, I went to well known school years ago and I was upset and frustrated by the administration. That’s life. However, people hateful and spiteful as the jerk that is putting up those websites will give online education a bad name. When in fact it should be seen in a positive light, it really caters to students who need that flexibility. I ask the individual responsible- does it make you feel good about yourself bashing an institution, but also possibly making people feel bad, or less worthy, because they choose to go to this school? Take down your websites- they are insensitive and idiotic.


I agree totally with “Bluesman” above. Capella University is a reputable online institution and provides a quality education to individuals who may need the flexibility that a ground based institution cannot provide.

I am an executive in a large retail chain based in the northeast. We have a management training program that allows for qualified employees to take part in learning all aspects of operations by visiting, and working in our stores across the country. A college degree is required, but we allow the individuals to attend and/or finish up school during the management program. However, because of the travel, most traditional schools will not work out for these individuals. Thus we have a list of online schools who we recommend, Capella being one of them. We have monitored some of the learning through Capellas required partnerships between student and employer, and we are very happy with the knowledge that is being passed on from institution to student.

All you individuals who are negative about online education beware; web based education is here to stay and you will continue to see more quality online schools pop up, as well as more respected brick and mortar schools offering online education. I think it is great! Capella- keep up the good work! As for the person who continues to bash this and other institutions because he did not get what he expected out of it; take down your websites and get a life!

WebCT Hater 

I am an instructor, and I have spent the past hour trying to put a fucking file on WebCT. It's uploaded but I cannot figure how to put the damn file in a place students can get it. Why do I bother?

WebCT is down more than a two dollar whore. 

It is unlelievable how SLOW this piece of crap is. (1) You go to the log in screen. Go hop in your car, cruise to thew beach for a few hours, come back and it's loaded.
(2) Type in your ID and password, and then, waiting 10 minutes per attempt, enter it in again twice until it actually lets you in.
(3) Wait another 20 minutes for the course list to come up...you get the picture.

Then IF, and I emphasize IF, you do get in, nothing works, you can't find any files, can't get anything fromt he website, but you can invite people to chat or see who's online or other ridiculous crap like this. For Christ sakes, go back to web pages with files listed that actually work.

Also, big surprise, I just visited the webCT forums to post a comment on there and got this message: "Error Accessing Forum Data." It's so fucking ridiculous. I quote the urban dictionary: "WebCT is up and down more than a two dollar whore."


"Truth is incontrovertible, malice may attack it and ignorance may deride it, but, in the end, there it is." Sir Winston Churchill

Know the truth about Jeffry P La Marca and his frivolous lawsuit against Capella University. All the information I am telling you is available on the web.

Who is Jeffry P. La Marca? Find out here: http://www.soka.edu/page.cfm?p=833

Now to the whole story as found and pieced together on the web:

1. La Marca was a Graduate student at Capella University.
2. He received passing grades in first two classes but when Capella switched to WebCT he claimed to have issues with the new system.
3. Mr. La Marca claimed to have disabilities that affected his learning.
4. The University attempted to work with him.
5. He complained about WebCT in class room postings/discussions and used language that Capella University’s faculty and administration deemed inappropriate. These included personal attacks against his instructor, administrative staff, and the University’s President.
6. Capella erased those posts and he re-posted them multiple times.
7. Mr. La Marca was suspended and removed from the school because he wouldn’t stop the inappropriate posting and refused to agree to stop.
8. Mr. La Marca filed a complaint with the US Department of Educations Office of Civil Rights claiming that his rights had been violated.
9. The OCR investigated the claim and found NO EVIDENCE that Capella University did anything to violate Mr. La Marca’s rights.
10. Even after several appeals by Mr. La Marca the OCR still upheld their original findings. Capella did NOTHING wrong.
11. Mr. La Marca files suit against Capella.

All this is all verifiable in letters from the US Department of Education Office of Civil Rights addressed to Mr. La Marca. You can request copies of these letters by writing:

Office for Civil Rights
U.S. Department of Education
400 Maryland Avenue, S.W.
Washington, D.C. 20202-1100
(202) 245-6800; 1-800-421-3481
FAX: (202) 245-6840; TDD: (877) 521-2172
E-mail: OCR@ed.gov
Web: http://www.ed.gov/ocr

Mr. La Marca now has several web sites devoted to Capella University. Take them with a grain of salt. He tells half-truths, fails to mention all significant information and embellishes certain facts and fails to mention others. For instance, on one of his websites he slams the University of California-Irvine’s President because of the schools relationship with Capella University. In Mr. La Marca’s bio at http://www.soka.edu/page.cfm?p=833 it is mentioned that he also attended UC-Irvine “and recently completed several certificate programs in Information Technology through the University of California, Irvine.” Why would he slam a school he earned certifications from?

If you look at his web sites ask yourself this while you browse:
Mr. La Marca places statements on his web sites about Capella’s low admissions standards. If they are so low why did he attend there?

Mr. La Marca makes comments about how pushy and sales-driven the enrollment directors are yet he attended Capella. Did he not have the will power to not fall for their deception?

Mr. La Marca cuts and pastes the images of Capella staff, faculty, and administrators onto pictures of Hitler and SS Officers. Who would compare any American citizen, no matter how angry you are at them, to Hitler? Hitler was a genocidal maniac and no person should have to be subject to that kind of attacks. Take this into account when you are scrutinizing his web sites.

Mr. La Marca makes claims that Capella staffs are guilty of crimes yet none have ever been charged with or convicted of any crime. Are we not assumed innocent in this country until a jury of our peers says other wise?

You can believe who you want. This is America and each and every one of us has the right to fight for what we feel is ours. Mr. La Marca is lucky to live in a country that affords him the privileges to create web sites and voice his opinion.

Look at all the facts. Look at all the positive stories written about Capella from independent third-party sources.


Web CT sucks! I have my online students mail their projects to me, because they are hands-on art assignments that cannot be submitted electronically via the drop box. I manually enter their grades and my comments about their work in the grade book instead of entering the grade in the assignment submissions area.......well, about 10 weeks into the semester, I learned that students couldn't read the comments I posted for their grades. It turns out the comments in the grade book are FOR THE INSTRUCTOR'S USE ONLY(!?!?!) and are not available for students to view...WTF? Why would WebCT think that the instructor didn't want comments to be available to students just because an alternative method of assignment submission was used? For that matter, why doesn't WebCT realize that not everyone teaches their course inside their rigid little box format? Web CT allows instructors zero creativity and flexibility in teaching. If you want to make your course different or unusual in any way - you'd better not even think about using WebCT. Teaching programs should cater to our teaching styles. We should not have to modify our teaching styles to comply with WebCTs vast limitations.

You could never get this "quality" of support from open-source.. 

I help look after a WebCT installation and it's a never-ending nightmare of features that expose bugs in their code that get totally misdiagnosed by their so-called dev team who know nothing about anything they're supposed to be able to work with, nor anything about their own app. Service packs that don't install, terrible resource utilization, a user interface that is almost universally hated by the student body as well as faculty staff. Don't bother transitioning smoothly to another app, just take it out the back and shoot it NOW. Your users will thank you.

Why are we still using this POC? 

What I gather from looking through the horrible javascript mess webct spits out, the version we use at ANU is at least 7 years old.

This is the computer industry and specifically the web. SO much has changed in that time, for example some smart guys invented the 'back' button, 'bookmarks' and 'tabs' (ie. no opening links in new windows). It's not just us student with problems though, at least a couple of my lecturers have posted assignments on the discussion boards because it's too much trouble to do it through the 'proper' interface. It's a bit of a pain when you don't notice that there's an assignment till a couple of days before it's due.

Ok, maybe free alternatives like moodle are too scary or something. But can't we at least upgrade to something that was made this century? Some of the things that piss me off on a daily basis must have been fixed right?


I agree with all of the above

Using this crap system at TUT in SA. And I have been having loads of problems especially in Linux+Firefox and the web tests.

Good luck to everyone having to endure the pain that is WEBCT

WebCT STILL blows 

THe browser checked when you launch EVERY PAGE, that really give me the shits. And then my compuyter automatically updates Java, the stupid thing thinks I'm running an unsupported version, so it give me the popup EVERY time!

Shit interface. Crap icon set. No Single signon out of the box. Utter crap.

Sakai is far better. http://sakaiproject.org

You can't open two sessions in two tabs!? 

What kind of bullshit is that?

OpenCourseWare is here! 

"Before WebCT, lecture and course notes were freely available on the internet. You can share them with anyone, and I could google and find the notes from a thousand courses at a hundred universities, and make use of them. No more. I can't even view the notes from other courses at MY Uni. In short: WebCT is evil."

Not anymore!


Six years ago, MIT began breaking down the knowledge barrier by announcing it would make materials from its courses available free on the Internet.

Later this month, MIT will celebrate reaching its goal of having written portions, at least, of 1,800 courses -- virtually the entire course catalog, including materials from about 90 percent of its professors -- available free on its Web site.

Lawsuit dismissed 

Jeff LaMarca's lawsuit was dismissed by a federal magistrate judge due to lack of evidence:


The judge further ruled that LaMarca was not disabled under the ADA:


LaMarca has appealed this ruling - but he is representing himself.

WebCT Sucks in the UK! 

WebCT Sucks because it doesn't understand shit all about good design, UI conventions, accessibility, OR ANYTHING ELSE WHICH MAKES THE INTERNET A GOOD THING....ARRRRGGGHHHH (sound of angry Learning Technologist attaching the WebCT server to the anchor chain on his boat casting it into the briny deep - splosh). I hate working with this system and I want it to disappear and never return.

i agree 

i agree it fucking sucks

Fuck CT 

and fuck shitty teachers who think its necessary... FUCK THEM!


someone needs to hack this shit and completely and totally take it the fuck DOWN! wish i knew how


WebCT isnt compatible with Firefox 1, Firefox 2, Firefox 3
WebCT isnt compatible with IE5, IE5.5, IE6
WebCT isnt compatible with Opera

But WebCT is compatible with IE with JRE 2.0.2-4

It's down.. again 

My course has told us so many tiomes "We don't run an online course, it's all about lecture attendance.

Until fifth year and half of us med students go rural.
Then the only way to access material is WebCT.

And I have an exam tomorrow.. And it's down.

They like to say they have "larger than normal use" which causes the crashes.

Why does webCT Vista make it so difficult to open a pdf? 

My lecture notes are stored in PDF or PPT files and posted using WebCT Vista. All I want to do is right click on the links and select "save to disk" or open in a new window to escape the nightmare that is WebCT vista. The system uses javascript links breaks W3C standards. It makes it very difficult to use.

Who would choose to use this junk software? Our computer science and engineering department refused to use the junk. They argued that they had special requirements but the other (science, medical, arts) faculties are stuck. The poor students just have to put up with it until the university can find something else.

No link to content in WebCT Vista?? 

The WebCT vista system is so poorly implemented that it does not even allow you to bookmark pages using industry standards. You cannot link to any content in WebCT. This means lectures or students alike cannot send each other links to content within WebCT. They have to say: Go to the home page and click on the X then click on the Y and then click Z. This is at odds with accepted web standards. The designers of this software must not have had any experience with interface design.

Flat file database? Use of frames? Crashes when opening PDFs 

Is it true that WebCT Vista uses a flat file database? That is absurd. No wonder it is so slow and cannot be scaled.

Any why is it using frames? Good web design has avoided frames for 8 years.

Why does it always crash when I try to open a PDF? This system makes a mockery out of elearning.

Yet again, during exam period 


All Students

An unforseen problem with one of the WebCT servers means that WebCT will be temporarily unavailable for all students. We will try to rectify this problem as quickly as possible.

WebCT will be temporarily unavailable for all students.

You can help by informing your fellow students of the outage and directing them to check Student Webmail News where we will be putting updates on the situation.



the internet can be soooo un useful! 

well damn let me think! um my friend asked me to research the climax of The Mediator Series #1 by meg cabot and i searched on the internet for over 3 hours and couldnt find it! i used google<ask.com< yahoo answers andN NOTHING!!! i also needed to find the climax for another book as well and nothing! i hate it! the internet is costing me a huuuuugggeeeeee grade im in high school and this blows!!!

Web CT's even worse than VISTA RTM! 

It's so slow, and you can't open various classes at once, and if you close the only allowed open window, it won't let you back in without quitting your browser first, and the chat feature doesn't make a noise when there is a new message, and it isn't reliable which is important for classes with moronic teachers, it isn't compatible with enough browsers, it's too confusing to use. There is only one thing that Google needs to do before they become the ultimate internet god: Create Google Classroom and market it to get all schools to get rid of WebCT!

requires adobe products, doesn't do open source 

If you think webCT sucks just try using it without piece of shit adobe acrobat reader installed. if you use a superior alternative like FoxIt reader to access .pdf's, it generally crashes the browser (firefox) and you can't right-click download them because they are embedded on the web page.

worst thing to ever happen to education 

WebCT is the worse thing to happen to Education since they stopped failing students.

crashes when you need it most 

i have a quiz due in exactly 16 hours and i cant access it due to a crash (not routine maintainance). webct often does this when i need it most eg. a couple days out from exams, have a quiz to submit, need to communicate with instructor

pure crap 

it also loads at snail speed during high volumes of use. typically when its needed most

webct sux my sweaty hairy bloody balls 

god damn shit automatically logs you out in a heartbeat but for some fucking reason doesn't automatically save my fucking work fuck your shitty programmers webct fuck you

What idiot came up with this stupid program? 

It has SO many BUGS when you take a freaking quizz, and NEVER saves your answers, no matter how many times you redo it!If these stupid online courses are going to continue at my school, then they need to start using a different program. This is ridiculous!

WebCT just screwed me 

I just pulled an all-nighter after working a double shift at work. It's 6am and WebCt refuses to let me submit my quiz for grading. I've taken 2 quizzes tonight successfully and just when I thought I could get the last one done and goto bed worry-free, this crap happens. My professor has made it abundantly clear "computer-related errors" are not valid excuses for retaking quizzes. WHAT A PIECE OF CRAP!!!

WebCT Sux 

I had 3 experiences with WebCT in three universities: The first was not bad, the second a bit better, and the third is OH MY F* GOD I can't even find the appropiate words. Sucks ass: unavailable when you REALLY need it, chaotic information architecture, key information buried into forum posts, worst UI ever, not compatible with my browser (Firefox, WTF!!!). Do I need to say more?

Worst thing since the plague 

WebCT is the bane of my existence. Every time I try to load any discussion quiz or test it takes forever. Even with relentless reloads and different browsers it takes at least 5 minutes. AHHHHHHH! This terrible applicaiton has caused me to run out of time in several online tests and quizes. Nothing in this world causes me more frustration than waiting 10 minutes to reply to a question that will take 1 minute. Also the quiz structure is terrible second page WTF this has caused me to miss quizes and lose points in classes. How hard is it to make a website that works!!!!!! F**K WEBCT there I said it!

Sucks in Canada too! 

For some reason WebCT expects me to use IE6. Any other browser and it throws a pop-up in my face telling me it wont work. Then I close the pop-up and WebCT works...if you can call what WebCT does normally "working"

Still sucks... 

Old thread! Thought I would liven it up a bit by noting that webCT STILL sucks. Useless UI that has hardly changed in 5 years, and is SO slow, especially off-campus. I am trying to upload a homework solution for my students at home, and it simply won't take it. Not the first time I've had this problem. Worthless!

This site makes me miserable on a daily basis 

The real culprit, I suppose, is the imbecile who designed my dorm room and decided it made perfect sense to place the box where I would connect an ethernet chord behind a fucking dresser...but in any case, due to the fact that I must "steal" wi-fi from the neighboring apartments, which often shorts out, I have been waiting a good...oh, 15 or 20 minutes for the damn site to load so that I can read a few pages that my teacher scanned and posted there. What a fucking waste of technology and cyberspace. I never have to wait for books to load!

iframes and (announcements & javascript) 

iframes - iframes are obsolete and ucsd's webct site is the only website i've used in years that relies heavily on iframes for functionality. pdfs open in an iframe and they are difficult to see. it is impossible to scroll down an iframe using an iphone, which is partly apple's fault but w3c declares iframes obsolete so it's moreso webct's fault. i was out to buy a scantron but i counldn't look up the version # i needed on my phone because of this so i had to make a separate trip because of this.

announcements - oldest announcements are shown first. they are also paged, but the buttons to go to the next page do not appear unless the java plugin has permission to run. without the next button there was no way of knowing that there were more pages of announcements. i didn't know there were announcements being posted past the first page until i failed a quiz because i did not see an announcement telling us that there was going to be an extra chapter on the quiz.

so webct, thanks for forcing me to make a separate trip to get a scantron and for making me fail a quiz.

Java and VNC protocol 

Very poorly integrated JAVA vnc used by instructor for virtual classes. Constantly loses screen and spits out RFB protocol errors

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